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About Us

INGTL has customised and special ' Services & Solutions' for corporate clients like Jewellers Exporters & Manufacturers. We also have special packages which are cost effective for frequent and high volume clients. We grade each stone with thorough detail supported by the latest technology and vast gemmological expertise of a highly qualified team. As a buyer who wants to make an informed decision, you will find a treasure house of knowledge and expertise. At INGTL we make every effort to make your experience with us of great value in enhancing your professional and business goal. As a wholesaler or a fine jewellery retailer, you can be rest assured that INGTL is the doorway to the best diamond grading and gemstone identification in the world.

Our Mission & Vision

Every company is defined by its purpose, mission and vision. At INGTL, we live our purpose, mission and vision and we welcome you to live it with us.